Services include: Garden Design & Construction, Pool Design, Labyrinths, Trompe L'oeil, Stonework/Paving, Gates & Sculptures





Garden Design & Construction

Every landscape design is unique and is guided by factors such as architecture, land formation and client needs. We specialize in solving ‘problems’ to ensure maximum use and enjoyment of the garden space.
Following the initial consultation we will present a concept drawing of the proposed plans for your garden including estimates for the completed design and construction.

Gerard has extensive experience as a horticulturalist and will also advise suitable planting types and themes for the garden.  

Pool Concept Drawings

Pool Design

Our company thinks outside the square (or rectangle!) and takes great pride in designing innovative pools that complement the garden rather than impose upon it.

People spend at most 10% of their time in the pool, and for the remaining 90% they may be looking at it - so it should be an amazing visual. We believe water can be celebrated in a creative way within the garden to satisfy all the senses.

Stonework / Paving

Hard landscaping is an essential part of a garden providing structure and function.

Our quality stonework shows the finesse and attention to detail necessary for these areas that lead to a finished product which only improves with age.

Gates & Entrances

Entrances are an important feature of landscape that provides a sense of arrival and yet are often overlooked within the landscape concept. We can provide gate and entrance design that distinguishes your property.

Balconies and Lightwells

Light wells are often a missed opportunity that can serve as an amazing focal point by using a variety of techniques. Mirrors can multiply the amount of light and perceived space creating an interesting illusion.
Balcony gardens and small courtyards can also be enhanced by the application of similar methods.


Gerard has a particular interest in sculpture and has entered designs in sculpture exhibitions over the years. They can evoke strong emotional response and provide essential focal points within the garden landscape. These stone pods (inspired by sculptor Andy Goldsworthy) are hand-cut and crafted. They are a commanding presence and are often referred to as ‘the guardians’.

Trompe L'oeil [mirror illusions] & Forced Perspective

There are a myriad of ways to optimise every square metre of your real estate using this “trick of the eye” technique.

Both small and large areas can benefit from a sense of space and wonder by concealing or ‘stretching’ the property’s boundaries.

Axonometric Perspective & Isometric Perspective

Axonometric perspective:
An actual landscape in plan format,designed in these  examples to be seen from above.